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Hi I'm Girly (my great grandmother started it all, by always calling me, the nickname stayed through the years.) I'd like to Thank You for venturing in to my childhood dream, that i made a reality.

Some folks wouldn't dare...
Because of misunderstandings of the name, my sassy sign, whatever it maybe. As you can see we are not a strip club or a topless coffee shop. Sorry! I am glad you're here!

I grew up in my mother's diner (My Tin Man Diner in Bourne, MA - Now located in Falmouth, MA). I wished for a place of my own so i didn't have to do it her way! It's ironic but years later with my own place i still do it her way (Ma's do know best!)

I cook with lots of love just like my Ma, so while you are here...

I * DARE * YOU...

To be creative and try something new, you may surprise yourself!

Girlys grill breakfast and lunch palmer ma burgers

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